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Matchers That Can Take Other Matchers

In RSpec, some matchers can take another matcher as an argument. It is sometimes useful for writing an expectation for a collection. Let's say we want to test that an array contains a string that includes a particular text. We can do that by combining two matchers: include and match as follows. expect(an_array).to include(match(/Lorem/)) # Of course we also could do: # expect(an_array.grep(/Lorem/)).not_to be_empty # or # expect(an_array).to be_any {|item| /Lorem/ === item } I think that in this case, the expectation with include and match is much more concise than the commented-out alternative ways above.

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Implement and Test in One File with bundler/inline and rspec/autorun

Sometimes I want to create a tiny one-off script that intended to run on a sandbox environment like a Docker container and needs only one file. Most of the time, I also need test frameworks to do some refactoring. It can be done with bundler/inline and rspec/autorun. require 'bundler/inline' gemfile do source 'https://rubygems.org' gem 'rspec' end def doit 'return a string' end require 'rspec/autorun' RSpec.describe '#doit' do example do expect(doit).to be_a(String) end end Usually, Bundler reads the dependencies from Gemfile.

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RSpec's #to Method Takes the 2nd Argument As Its failing-message

Today I learned that RSpec's #to method takes the 2nd argument as its custom failing-message. expect(actual_value).to eq(expected_value), message Let's say we are going to test a JSON object. The following example expects a part of the JSON object response_json['eye_colour'] to be "blue". require 'net/https' require 'uri' require 'json' RSpec.describe do example do response = Net::HTTP.get_response(URI('https://swapi.dev/api/people/1/')) response_json = JSON.parse(response.body) expect(response_json['eye_colour']).to eq('blue') end end Unfortunately, this test fails and displays messages like this:

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